“Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see, how good God is.” Psalm 34:8

About Us

Recipes for Life is a college women's ministry that combines Bible study with cooking classes and always produces spiritual as well as culinary success!

The women meet at 8:00 every Monday night, prepare that week's recipe, and study the word of God in a wonderful atmosphere of hospitality and love. They exchange stories, share ideas, and laugh a lot. Sometimes they cook first and study second; sometimes they study first and cook second. It depends on what the group decides.

Kathy and Lori set up four "cooking stations" with the necessary ingredients and utensils before everybody arrives. When you arrive, Lori or Kathy greets you and offers you some slush punch, spicy bean dip or some other delicious treat they've made. In no time at all, you'll find yourself laughing and visiting with a new friend while you begin preparing that night's dish.

Everyone works together--measuring out the ingredients, slicing and chopping, mixing and stirring. If you have a question, someone is always happy to answer. If you need some help, Lori or Kathy or someone else in your group will be right there at your side. You'll marvel at how quickly you feel you "fit in."

When your group has finished your "masterpiece", you'll each give it a taste test and declare it to be the best thing you've ever eaten. If you find you've accidently tripled the amount of salt called for, then you'll have a good laugh with the rest of your newfound friends. No matter how your dish turns out, the fun you've just had preparing it will make it a success...

Sometime during the evening--either before or after cooking, you'll all settle in the living room and have Bible study. Everyone is encouraged to participate and ask questions--the atmosphere is safe and supportive.

When it's time to leave, you'll find yourself wondering where the time went and making plans to come back for next week's session. You'll be glad you came...

This group has grown from a few women to 25-30 women. It all began on a Tuesday night in the fall of 2002. This year the group has moved to Monday nights. Its success lies in the young women that attend and their commitment to study God's word and the realization that God wants to be a part of everything we do...even cooking! It is truly a ministry that works! If you're interested in becoming a part of this wonderful group, call Lori at 364-1181.

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