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Angel Chicken Pasta


4 Chicken Breasts
1of stick of Butter, divided
Garlic Salt
Lemon Pepper
1 pkg Dry Italian -style Salad Dressing Mix
1/2 cup Chicken Broth
1 can Golden Mushroom Soup
4 oz Cream Cheese with Chives
1 lb Angel Hair Pasta
2 heads Broccoli, cut into bite size pieces
Parmesan Cheese
How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand— when I awake, I am still with you. Psalm 139:17-18


Created on March 21st, 2011

Place chicken breast between sheets of parchment paper and pound till thin.
Season with garlic salt and lemon pepper.
In a large skillet, melt 1/2 of the stick of butter over medium heat.
Add chicken breasts and cook until no pink inside, about 10 minutes.
Remove chicken breasts and set aside.
Place remainder of butter in pan.
Melt butter and add italian dressing mix.
Stir in chicken broth and mushroom soup; mix well.
Add cream cheese and stir until smooth.
Cut up chicken breasts into bite size pieces.
Add to cream sauce and simmer.
In a large pot, boil water to cook pasta in.
Cook pasta according to directions.
During the last 2 minutes, add broccoli to the pasta water and continue cooking.
Drain pasta and broccoli, pour into large serving bowl.
Pour Cream sauce on top of pasta and toss.
Top with freshly grated parmesan cheese and enjoy!

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