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Egg Roll


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Created on February 18th, 2003

Brown ground pork with chopped onion. Add salt, garlic salt, pepper, and soy sauce (to taste). When completely brown, add 1 pkg cole slaw mix and cook until tender. Drain mixture of all juice (Kathy uses a colander to drain). While meat is draining, make a paste
In the same skillet, (you don’t have to wash it). Mix 1/4 cup water, 2 tsp corn starch, and 2 TB soy sauce. Cook on low heat till thick. Place meat mixture in a large bowl, add paste and 1 egg, Mix well. (Let cool for about 30 minutes)

NOW YOUR READY TO ROLL: Mix 1/2 cup water and 2 TB corn starch. This will be the glue to seal the wrapper. Place about 3 TB of mixture on egg roll wrapper, wrapper points up. Seal wrapper with glue. Fry until golden brown. Enjoy!

Serve with fried or steamed rice, stir fry vegetables and wontons.

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