“Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see, how good God is.” Psalm 34:8

Sesame Green Beans


1 pound fresh or frozen green beans
1 T olive oil
3 T soy sauce
2 t sesame seeds
2 1/2 t garlic cloves minced
4 T brown sugar
3 T peanut butter


Created on April 18th, 2011

Heat a large skillet on high heat.

When it's hot, add your olive oil.

When the oil is hot, add the green beans.

Turn down heat to medium and cook until the beans are crisp tender. About 10 minutes. Stir your beans every once in a while to help them cook evenly.

In a medium size mixing bowl, combine all the soy sauce, sesame seeds, garlic cloves, brown sugar and peanut butter.

When the beans are done cooking, pour the sauce on top of the beans and mix it in well.

Cook until the sauce is heated through.

Serve immediately.


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