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no-mayo Pasta Salad


16oz Linquini Noodles (you can use any pasta but spaghetti and linguini seem to be preferred
5 cups Assorted Vegetables chopped - I recommend
1 red Onion
1 red Bell Pepper
1 Zucchini
1 head of Broccoli
1 box Grape tomatoes, cut in half **add the tomatoes right before serving.
1 8oz Bottle Wish Bone Italian Dressing
1 2.6oz Bottle of McCormick Salad Supreme Dressing


Created on April 23rd, 2012

Cook Pasta according to package directions.

Chop vegetables into small bite size pieces except for the tomatoes - those are added at the end right before serving.

Drain pasta after cooked and rinse with cold water.

Place pasta and vegetables in a large mixing bowl.

Add salad dressing and seasoning.

Toss well to coat.


Can be served immediately or made a day ahead.


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